Loyalty scheme for Maybole shops

Eight businesses on Maybole High Street are setting up a local Loyalty Scheme to try to encourage more people to spend locally.

For six weeks anyone spending £3 or more in any of the eight shops will be given a raffle ticket.

At the end of each week two winning tickets will be drawn and each winner will receive £20 of “Maybole High Street Vouchers” to spend in any or all of the shops.

Jane Martin, of Jane’s Delicatessen, said: “We are not asking people to do their weekly shopping here, but to remember the shops that are here and come down, have a look around and maybe buy one or two items in the local shops, this would make all the difference to our businesses.”

The participating shops are Dave the Butchers, Jane’s Delicatessen, Pet Shop, June Dunlop Florist, Fillys, Scruples Hair and Beauty, Ashmart Beauty and Simpsons the Bakers

Jane added: “It would be great if we can get more people to come to the High Street and support their local shops before they lose them!”