Maidens says fond farewell to trucks and barge

Maidens Harbour.
Maidens Harbour.

Maidens this week says farewell to the harbour dumper trucks and barge.

Just in time to allow them to tidy up the site for the Easter visitors, the two aged dumper trucks and the crane barge, which have sat at the top of the harbour for some eight years, have now departed Maidens on their way to be recycled at a local scrap yard.

These hard-worked machines have between them shifted many thousands of tonnes of sand and clay away from the harbour basin to create the present greatly improved pontoon moorings for more than 30 boats and yachts. However, constant exposure to salt water and the resultant corrosion meant that they were rusting away and latterly costing too much to maintain.

Of late, each dig saw the volunteer drivers keeping their fingers crossed that they would get back to the harbour without a breakdown leaving them stranded as the tide came in. With most of the structural work now completed the focus this year will be on providing signage boards and improving the harbour’s general environs.

The recent feasibility survey done as part of the SailWest project has provided a most detailed outline plan of possible developments which could be considered in future for the harbour but these, though most valuable for any future project, must await an improvement in the financial climate. The 2013 Harbour Trust meeting will be held on Saturday morning at 10.30 in Maidens Bowling clubhouse.

All boat owners and interested members of the public are welcome to attend.

Residents of Maidens, with time or abilities to offer, are eligible for nomination to the management committee and should submit their names to the secretary, David McGettigan, Tel: 01655 331404 by today (Wednesday) for consideration.