Makes sure your vote counts on September 18

With less than a week until the Scottish Independence Referendum, South Ayrshire voters are being urged to make sure their vote counts by only marking their ballot paper with one ‘X’.

Thousands of postal voters across South Ayrshire have already received their postal voting packs and ballot papers, with the final batch due to go out early next week.

This will ensure voters have time to complete their ballot and return it by the close of poll at 10pm on Thursday 18 September.

Postal voters can also hand their ballot paper and postal voting statement in to any polling station in South Ayrshire between 7am and 10pm on polling day.

Eileen Howat, Counting Officer for the South Ayrshire Council area, said:

“The referendum on 18 September will decide the future direction of Scotland and we want everyone’s vote to count, whether voting by post, by proxy or at a polling station.

“The safest way to ensure your vote counts is to only put one ‘X’ in the box beside the option you want to choose – yes or no.

“Postal voters should also take great care when completing their postal voting statement by inserting the correct date of birth and signature.

“Any mistake could mean that a ballot paper will not be counted.

“And, if voting at a polling station, please remember a number of our polling stations changed earlier this year to minimise the use of schools at election time.

“Make sure you check your poll card and know where you need to go as it could be different from the last time you voted.

“All polling stations will be open between 7am and 10pm on 18 September.”

Further details on the referendum and how to vote can be found at and at, where you can also find details on your local polling station.

After all the votes have been counted, Eileen Howat, will announce the South Ayrshire total – how many yes votes, how many no votes – at the official count centre, the Citadel Leisure Centre in Ayr.