Man sold fireworks from boot of car

Fireworks were sold out of the boot of a car.
Fireworks were sold out of the boot of a car.

South Ayrshire Council has today (30 October 2012) confirmed that a man has been caught illegally selling fireworks from the boot of a car, during his normal working hours at a local car dealership.

The discovery is a success story for the Council, working with Strathclyde Police and Strathclyde Fire and Rescue, to promote public safety in the lead up to Bonfire Night.

Working from an anonymous tip-off, two Council Trading Standards Officers posing as customers purchased a box of fireworks for £50, from the boot of a car owned by the dealership employee.

The seller also gave the undercover officers a photocopied brochure with his mobile number on the rear and suggested if they wanted more or knew of anyone else who wished to buy fireworks from him, to give him a call.

Officers subsequently returned with the police and seized the fireworks, which are now in secure locked storage.

Councillor John McDowall, Portfolio Holder for Trading Standards said: “This seller clearly had no regard for the safety of the public, that of his colleagues or himself.

“The Council, Strathclyde Police and local reputable firework sellers put a great deal of effort into ensuring fireworks are stored and sold safely only to persons 18 years or over. People selling out of the boot of their car, or from the back of a van pose a potential threat to the public and there are no guarantees that the fireworks are safe.

“None of the fireworks seized in this case displayed current European safety markings and the potential consequences of a crash involving this man’s car could have been horrifying.

“I would urge the public to only buy fireworks from a reputable, registered retailer.

“And remember, you can also have a fantastic fun-filled family evening, by going along to an organised display where you can enjoy the magic and fascination of fireworks in complete safety.”