Market prices and reports


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd, sold 21 Prime Cattle and Young Bulls, all classes sold firmer on the week.

3 Young Bulls averaged 200.95p/kg or £1255.96

3 Bullocks averaged 221.61p/kg or £1322.28

15 Heifers averaged 220.7p/kg or £1202.09

Top price of the day was 235p/kg for a Limousin Bullock off Claycrop or £1491 for a Limousin Bullock off Breakough, Heifers peaked at 234p/kg for a Limousin off Claycrop or £1337.05 for a Limousin off Duchra. Young Bulls to 210p/kg twice for Limousins off Duchra or £1417.50.

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Lim: 234p 230p (x2) & 228p Claycrop 224p St Murray 223p Balgracie 221p Duchra Char: 218p Balgracie A/Angus: 199p Breakough

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Lim: 235p Claycrop 210p Breakough

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bulls:

Lim: 210p (x2) Duchra

A small show of 11 Dairy Cattle with trade being slightly dearer on the week. Top price of the day was £2150 for a strong Holstein Friesian off Messrs Dobie, Bencloich and the whole sale averaged £1861

Leading Prices (per head):

HF Hfrs: £2150 Bencloich £2120 Bogwood £2050 Floors £2020 Drumtall £1950 (x2) Broughton Mains & Floors Ayrshire Cows: £1720 Bowfield

85 calves and stirks sold with more calf buyers present saw trade slightly more brisker on the week.

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Bulls:

Charx: £500 Pulnoon Limx: £490 & £460 Whitehill £375 North Boig £345 Drumachloy £340 North Boig £335 Drumachloy BBx: £465 Over Enoch £450 East St Colmac £350 Meikle Kilchattan £350 Bogwood AAx: £400 Meikle Laught £330 Nether Affleck Simx: £360 Over Enoch £345 Bourtreebush

Leading Prices (per head) Calves Heifers:

BBx: £420 East Brockloch £405 East St Colmac £400 East Brockloch £380 Bogwood £360 Craigie Mains £330 East St Colmac Simx: £390 Macmanniston Limx: £325 Hayston £235 Whitehill AAx: £290 Meikle Laught £270 £260 & £255 Nether Affleck

Leading Prices (per head) Stirks:

Limx: £860 Mossend (Ayr) £750 Smithston BBx: £740 Smithston Char: £645 West Enoch

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

BBx: £885 Gass Limx: £810 Gass £700 Smithston Bax: £630 Mossend (Ayr) Charx: £645 Smithston

160 Cast Cows & Bulls sold, all classes sold dearer on the week.

4 Bulls averaged 148.05p/kg

59 Beef Cows averaged 117.81p/kg

91 Dairy Cows averaged 103.21p/kg

6 Clean Cattle averaged 182.99p/kg

Bulls sold to £1560 for a Limousin off Straid or 188.3p/kg for a Simmental off Corsehillhead, Beef Cows topped at £1340 for a Limousin off North Boig or 183.6p/kg. Dairy Cows to £1000 for Friesians off Macnairston & Bourtreebush or 145.8p/kg for a Friesian off Moorston, Clean Cattle peaked at £1290 for a Shorthorn Bullock off Mid Ascog or 211.2p/kg for a Limousin Bullock off Barskelly.

Leading Prices (per head) Bulls:

Lim: £1560 Straid £1360 Nether Ardroscadale Sim: £1290 Corsehillhead Fr: £720 Hallowshean

Leading Prices (per head) Cows:

Lim: £1340 North Boig £1120 Killochhead B/B: £1080 Netherton £940 Boghouse Sal: £1080 Craigalbert £910 Pinmore Mains Sim: £950 Nether Ardroscadale A/A: £900 Flenders Hfd: £920 Flenders Fr: £1000 Bourtreebush & Macnairston £980 South Kilbride £920 Bridgend £890 Keyshill Ayrs: £850 Brocklehill £810 Kirminnoch Short Blk: £1290 Mid Ascog Lim Hfr: £1160 High Wexford Fr Hfr: £1130 Macnairston


Messrs Craig Wilson Ltd., sold 410 Store Cattle, all classes sold dearer with a large ringside of buyers in attendance.

253 Bullocks averaged 235.2p/kg or £998.26

8 Friesian Bullocks averaged 162.4p/kg or £795.00

149 Heifers averaged 218.5p/kg or £935.54

Top price of the day was £1425 for a Limousin Bullock off Knockgerran or 265.2p/kg for a pen of Limousins off Nether Ardroscadale, Heifers peaked at £1370 for a Charolais off Laigh Corton or 277.5p/kg for a pen of Simmentals off Barmoorhill.

Leading Prices (per head) Bullocks:

Lim: £1425 Knockgerran £1330 Corsehillhead £1320 High Threave £1300 East Revoch £1290 Rosemount & Laglaff £1250 Gass £1245 Rosemount £1240 Knockiebae £1220 Knockterra £1200 Ballykillet Char: £1205 Knockiebae £1160 Mid Foulton £1130 Knockiebae £1090 Drumbowie £1070 Corsehillhead £1040 Knockiebae B/Blue: £1140 Townhead £1135 Crosehillhead £1100 Townhead £1070 Mid Foulton £1060 Carsloe Sim: £1100 Roan £1030 Corsehillhead A/A: £1090 Mid Foulton £1070 Montgomerieston £1060 Littlemill Friesian: £840 Dalhowan £825 Fortacres £765 Garbockhill

Leading Prices (per kilo) Bullocks:

Lim: 265.2p Nether Ardroscadale 264.3p Broadshean Char: 255.6p East Moorhouse Sim: 254p Kilpatrick AA: 244.4P Knockreoch B/B: 234P Corsehillhead Fr: 165.8p Burnton

Leading Prices (per head) Heifers:

Char: £1370 & £1170 Laigh Corton £1125 Knockiebae £1040 Clevance £1020 Knockiebae £1000 High Woodston B/Blue: £1280 Gass £1120 Forerogerton Lim: £1210 & £1185 Knockterra £1170 East Revoch £1150 Castlemains £1135 Gass £1115 Craigview (Arran) & Knockgerran £1070 Castlemains £1060 Knockterra £1045 Craigview £1020 Blairbowie & East Revoch £1005 Gass £1000 Gabrockhil & Castlemains Sim: £1150 Clevance £1110 Barmoorhill £1060 Mid Foulton A/A: £800 Montgomerieston £730 Mid Floak

Leading Prices (per kilo) Heifers:

Sim: 277.5p Barmoorhill Lim: 257.1p Barskelly Char: 247.1p East Moorhouse B/Blue: 237p Gass A/A: 215.2p Castlemains

A small show if In Lamb Ewes and Store Hoggets were forward today. Store Hoggets sold to a top price of £71 for a pen of Texel Hoggets from Q Limond, Barskelly, Kirkmichael, In Lamb Ewes sold to a top price of £79 for a pen of Texel Ewes (4 & 5 Crop) from D Walker, Pinminnoch, Girvan.

Leading Prices (per head) Hoggets:

Texel : £71 Barskelly Char Cross: £70 Barskely Sfk: £70 Barskelly Tex Cross: £68 Windyedge (Dunlop) Cont: £66 Windyedge (Dunlop) Char: £62 Windyedge (Dunlop) Rouge: £59 Knockormal Tex Ewes (In Lamb 4&5 Crop): £79 & £78 Pinminnoch Mule Ewes (In Lamb 4&5 Crop): £65 Pinminnoch

Newton stewart


1597 Prime & Cast Sheep Sold.

Incorporated into today’s sale was a show and sale of Blackface Hoggets, in conjunction with the Dumfries & Galloway Blackface Sheep Breeders. 200 Hoggets were presented to the judge Mr Haig Murray, procurement officer for Dunbia, Llanbyder who opted for a pen of 20 home bred Hoggets from M/s McIntosh, High Craigcaffie, Stranraer. Scaling 4kg they sold at £92 to Dunbia (219p/kg). Reserve Champion pen were presented by Francis McGregor, Miltonise, New Luce, they weighed in at 44 kg