Maybole branch to parade

The Apprentice Boys of Derry Walker Club Maybole branch is set to parade through both the ancient capital of Carrick and Girvan on Saturday afternoon.

The Apprentice Boys parade will see them start in Girvan at 2pm before heading up to Maybole for 4pm.

The Girvan route is: Penkill Road,Troweir Road,Maxwell Street,Montgomerie Street,Hamilton Street,Dalrymple Street,Duff Street,Henrietta Street,Knockushan Street with the march finishing at the Harbour.

The Maybole route is: Dailly Road,Welltrees Square,Ladywell Road,Abbott Street,Crosshill Road,Glebe Crescent,Kirkland Street,Cassillis Road,High Street,Whitehall,Coral Glen,Miller Terrace,Welltrees Square,Ladywell Road,Society Street,Seaton Street,Corner Pocket finish.

Valerie Andrews, South Ayrshire Council’s Acting Executive Director for Resources, Governance and Organisation said: “We do not license or give permission for public processions, parades and marches, but if objections or comments are received, we would discuss these with organisers.

“All organisers are asked to give notice of proposed processions, complete a risk assessment form and confirm their compliance with a comprehensive code of conduct.

“We also work closely with Police Scotland to ensure that these events are organised in a safe manner and cause minimal disruption and inconvenience.