Maybole cop’s warning over rural crime

A Maybole cop is asking those living in rural areas to be vigilant as crimes more associated with cities are starting to spread to the countryside.

PC Graeme Gordon is the man behind the Rural Watch scheme and he is warning of the danger about certain crimes occurring in the countryside.

He said: “There have been big increases in the theft of metal recently.

“Thieves are stealing copper wire which there seems to be a market for.

“And incredibly some of these people are stealing from electricity sub stations, which is putting their lives at risk for a very small amount of money.”

PC Gordon also said that housebreaking is on the rise in the countryside and asked for farmers and others to do their utmost to deter the thieves.

He said: “Housebreaking is becoming another issue in rural communities.

“Breaking into farmhouses is something we have to deal with regularly and I’d say to farmers that they should do everything to put thieves off.

“Making sure your place has good lighting which will deter them as will the presence of a dog on the property.”

And he also says that thefts of vehicles and heating fuels are also target for thieves.

“ Cars are something we see stolen infrequently whilst fuel and heating fuels are also items targeted.”

PC Gordon also deals with wildlife crime and he says that he and his colleagues still deal with the theft of livestock.

“The theft of livestock is still something we have to respond to and we do have extra officers on the targeted routes at the moment.”

PC Gordon launched the Rural Watch scheme in 2007 and it now has over 500 members and covers the whole of Ayrshire.

“I send out a monthly newsletter to detail what sort of crime is occurring at certain times but I’ll send out more updates when necessary

“It is all about people communicating with each other from the smallest farms to those owning land estates in order to raise awareness.”

You can contact Graeme on or call 101 and ask for PC Gordon at Maybole.