Maybole farm blaze forces firefighters to call in back-up

A “WELL developed” fire in a Maybole farm stable demanded the attentions of around 30 firefighters when the blaze broke out on Monday night.

Fire broke out at Burnmouth Farm, to the northeast of Maybole, at around 10pm and, fanned by high winds, threatened to spread to the nearby farmhouse.

Maybole firefighters were forced to call in support from Dalmellington, Ayr, Kilmarnock, and Dreghorn Community Fire Stations to combat the risk to human lives, and eventually succeeded in dousing the flames at around 12.30am.

A Maybole force spokesman described the fire as “well developed”, and explained how officers prevented the “intense heat and flames” from spreading using two main jets with covering jets of water between the stable and the residential building.

“Unfortunately due to the intensity of the fire and the combined effect of the wind the stable was completely destroyed, with the roof collapsing making the building unsafe,” he said.

While no-ne was injured – an adult female having received a precautionary check-up by the ambulance service but not requiring hospital treatment – it is believed a pony died in the fire.

Due to the unsafe state of the stable’s gable walls access following the fire was restricted, and Carrick police officers remained at the scene all night. An investigation into the cause of the fire is on-going.