Maybole keeps its golf course and recycling centre

Maybole Golf Course
Maybole Golf Course

A whole range of South Ayrshire Council services that were highlighted for either service reductions or removal altogether are no longer at risk.

These include the proposal to remove school crossing patrols from all 48 locations, the closure of Maybole golf course, closure of Maybole recycling centre, closure of Maybole and Prestwick customer service centre and the closure of all public toilets in South Ayrshire.

In December the council announced its budget proposals, drawn up by officials and based on a funding gap for the council of £17 million.

It gave members of the public the opportunity to comment on the proposals, prior to councillors setting the 2018-19 budget last week and many of the more controversial proposals were dropped as a consequence of strong opposition.

Councillors William Grant and Brian Connolly, said: “We were very encouraged by the response from the people of North Carrick to our Balancing the Budget consultation.

“Thanks to the impressive feedback received, combined with the increased funding settlement from the Scottish Government, we can give the good news that Maybole golf course, recycling centre and customer service centre will all remain in the town. These are clearly much-needed resources that support a better quality of life for the local community.

“This is a very positive outcome that highlights the impact of genuine consultation and that is all thanks to the people of North Carrick.”