Maybole’s castle of the future

The future of Maybole Castle is set to be discussed at a meeting in the town next week.

The Castle’s community trust have been asking the views of local people about what they think of the castle and the plans for the future.

Now a meeting will be held on Wednesday March 25 at 7pm in the Town Hall to discuss the castle.

A spokesperson for the trust said: “We are really keen to find out people’s thought on the future of the Castle. Do they feel the development of the Castle and its grounds would be an asset to Maybole?

“Would it improve the town to have an attractive area in the field and gardens of the castle?

“Are there any ideas or suggestions as to what would be suitable additions to the amenities in the town which could be sited at this area of the High Street?

“Do people fell that it would attract tourists if the Castle and grounds were available to the public?”.

The spokesperson also said that the trust hoped that anyone who felt the future of the castle was important to Maybole would be prepared to join Maybole Castle Community Trust at no cost in order to help out with the project.

Maybole Castle is the oldest inhabited house in the town having been built around the middle of the 16th century.

It was the town house of the Earl of Cassillis who spent most of his winter months in Maybole at that time. A fire broke out at the castle in 1919 but fortunately damage was limited to the roof.