McMaster fund makes a return

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south Ayrshire Council has confirmed that Girvan will be able to access a new McMaster Trust Fund.

Community Council members last week heard that an account of £34,000 is available to the town to help with the repair and maintenance of Stumpy Tower and the surrounding area - the former site of the McMaster Hall. The orginal fund was established by Mr John McMaster who was born in 1841 in Kirkoswald and was a successful banker in Canterbury.

Mr McMaster believed his success was down to his education in Girvan and he provided a substantial cash grant to build a new a town hall in the early 1900s.

There was also cash set aside for boys attending Girvan High School to further their education.

Eileen Howat South Ayrshire Council’s Executive Director for Corporate Services said: “There were three funds set up by John McMaster.

“An educational fund (currently worth £217,000) was originally intended to help boys attending Girvan High School go to university.

“A new scheme was approved by South Ayrshire Council to help support fifth or sixth year pupils at Girvan Academy, who want to attend any university in Scotland. Bursaries can be awarded to up to five pupils each year.

“Mr McMaster made two further bequests in relation to the McMaster Hall, Girvan, which was destroyed by fire in 1939.

“South Ayrshire Council has been undergoing a review of the trusts it administers and decided to merge the two bequests to form a new McMaster Fund. The trustees of the new McMaster Fund will meet to decide how to administer the fund.”