Millions dodge DIY

If the thought of fixing a wobbly patio or levelling an uneven floor leaves you in a cold sweat, then you’re not alone.

Millions of Brits are throwing away thousands of pounds every year by paying external workmen to do jobs they could easily tackle themselves.

Heading into DIY season a poll by Tarmac reveals Brits could save themselves up to £4000 a year by learning a few simple home maintenance techniques.

The survey found that 37 per cent of people in Scotland say they avoid DIY because they’re worried about making mistakes and 23 per cent say they find it too complicated.

The research looked into the reluctance to carry out maintenance, repairs and renovation around the home and whether – with a bit of patience, will and knowledge – we could actually save ourselves substantial amounts of money.

The new research coincides with Tarmac launching a national search for the UK’s worst DIY dodgers. People are being urged to name and shame their friends and family for the chance to win £1000 B&Q vouchers and a visit from the U-CAN handy man. Visit to find out how to “dob” in a DIY dodger.

Julia Kendell, celebrity DIY expert and star of BBC One’s DIY SOS says: “If we took the time to actually learn a few basics and had a bit of patience instead of giving up at the first hurdle or not even starting in the first place, we could actually surprise ourselves with our skill and save money at the same time.”