Minishant Indian takeaway flown 3,500 miles to Dubai

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AN INDIAN restaurant in Minishant is set to fly a £2,500 takeaway over 3,500 miles to Dubai in the MIddle East.

Ayr Spice, whose head chef is Mafiz Ali, took the extravegant order from a Bangladeshi businessman to impress guests at a special meal in the United Arab Emirates.

The food is set to be flown out from Glasgow Airport this week for the seven-hour flight.

The order will be specially chilled and then reheated to be as fresh as possible for the sumptious meal.

Mafiz Ali said the customer, Mustafa Azim, was a fan of his restaurant in Essex and had got in touch to order the food for the celebration for 12 people in Dubai.

The order includes a fish dish as well as a vegetable curry and several rice dishes, with the award winning chef accompanying his expensive takeaway on the plane.

It’s not the first time the chef has prepared food for the rich and famous.

He prepared a banquet for former Tory Prime Minister John Major’s 50th birthday party and has catered for Cliff Richard, pop band The Sugababes and X Factor events.

Mustafa Azim is a retired airline pilot who now owns a company breaking up old aeroplanes worldwide and recycling the aluminium.

The company has just secured a deal to break 23 Boeing 747s in Riyadh, and to mark the occasion, Mr Azim decided to entertain around a dozen of his clients with a celebratory dinner.

Mafiz Ali also hosted a very successful luncheon meeting of the Elite Ayrshire Business Circle recently, which further enhanced his already growing reputation amongst discerning diners in the local business community.

he won a chef of the year award in 1998 and, almost immediately, added one for exceptional hygiene and cleanliness. Newly crowned at Westminster, he was commissioned by the then prime minister, John Major to supply a banquet for his 50th birthday at Number 10 Downing Street.

A replica banquet was then ordered by one of the distinguished guests and sent to New York city.

Since then he has sent food elsewhere in the USA and to Japan and Australia in what must be an almost uniquely international takeaway service.

He has also catered for numerous celebrities from the world of entertainment and some have vowed to come to his restaurant while they are in Scotland on tour.