More Siemens jobs for Girvan area

Windfarm firm Siemens has announced that seven new jobs have been created in the Girvan area … and more could be in the offing.

The recruitment of technicians is needed in order to boost the company’s capability to service two windfarms, at Hadyard Hill near Barr and Artfield Fell at Glenluce. Both are operated by Scottish and Southern Energy and are serviced by Seimens under a ten year contract agreement.

A spokesman for Siemens said that the new contract strengthened its long term commitment to partnering with SSE on onshore wind farms and local job creation.

Over the last year they have had a team of five technicians working from their Girvan facility at Grangestone Industrial Estate. This has recently been augmented by another three.

Now Siemens has said that it is currently in the process of hiring another four mobile field technicians who will also work from Grangeston bringing the total working from there to twelve..

Martin McKenna, their Head of Onshore Services said: “Our service strategy for wind farms supports the recruitment of service technicians from the regions surrounding the location of the wind farms. “We expect that with the growth of wind farms over the coming years in the region, and Scotland in general, that more job opportunities are likely.”