More water works means traffic lights on A77 in Maybole

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THERE will be temporary traffic lights on the A77 at Maybole and some disruption to the water supply as Scottish Water starts another major project in the town.

After recently starting a £300,000 project to improve more than four miles of water mains in the north of Maybole, we are now about to start a £400,000 project to provide clearer drinking water to around 1,500 households.

The work in the south of Maybole, which is due to start on about June 20 and is expected to be completed in about three months, will involve about 3.1 miles of polyurethane lining, one mile of mains replacement using the pipe bursting method and 1.8 miles of flushing.

The work will be carried out for Scottish Water by contractors Barhale, who are also carrying out the north Maybole project.

the company says it has liaised with South Ayrshire Council’s roads department in respect of both projects and, after investigating the scope of the project in the south of Maybole, decided to carry out mainly flushing of pipes along High Street (A77) as this meant it was able to avoid the need for road closures.

The work in High Street will however require two-way temporary traffic lights but the company says the work will be “planned and co-ordinated” to minimise the impact on traffic.

There will also be some traffic management required in other parts of the south Maybole project and some disruption to customers’ water supply during the work but Scottish Water says it will give anyone likely to be affected advance notice.

During the work customers might also experience low water pressure or discoloured water. Once their water is restored customers should turn on the cold water tap in their kitchen until the water runs clear.

The two Maybole projects are the latest in a scheme of work to provide clearer, fresher drinking water to more than 300,000 customers across Ayrshire.

The multi-million pound scheme of projects will improve about 700 miles of water pipes throughout Ayrshire over the next two years - enough to stretch from Ayrshire to London and back.

Jim Hassan, Scottish Water’s operations manager, said: “This massive investment to maintain a supply of first-class drinking water to hundreds of thousands of our customers across Ayrshire is continuing with this latest project in the south of Maybole.

“The new investment in Maybole is on part of the network of pipes that are supplied with water from Bradan Water Treatment Works, which we have improved in recent years, and the rehabilitation of the pipes will help ensure a supply of clear, fresh drinking water to our customers in the area for years to come.”

Ian Piggott, the project manager, said: “We do not expect any major disruption to the water supply during this work in Maybole but there will be some short, planned interruptions to allow the work to be completed.

“Any customers likely to experience interruption to will be given notice and any relevant advice.

“The road traffic management is required to allow our contractors to progress safely with this project. We will make every effort to minimise any impact on customers and road users.”

Joanna Peebles, Scottish Water’s regional community manager, said: “Scottish Water would like to thank our customers in Maybole in advance of this second project in the south of the town for their patience and understanding while this important improvement work is carried out.

“We are sure that they will appreciate that any temporary inconvenience is far out-weighed by the long-term benefits this investment will bring to the area.”