More wild birds wanted

Results of a new YouGov survey for Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) show that the Scottish public have a deep affection for nature.

While this is true across Scotland, priorities vary slightly from area to area.

The representative sample of Scottish adults found that nine in ten (90%) enjoy seeing and hearing birds in their garden or local parks.

Some 89% of the public see Scotland’s celebrated woodland creatures, such as red squirrels and capercaillie, as part of Scottish culture and agree that they help make our countryside special.

Interesting results included: 83% agree that it is important that rare birds living on our grasslands, such as the corncrake, don’t become extinct in Scotland; 80% like to see butterflies and want to see more in the countryside; 86% think an important part of the Scottish uplands is seeing and hearing wild birds and would like to see more; and 84% want to see otters in all of Scotland’s rivers.

Compared with Scotland as a whole, the people in the south of the country would like to see a greater mix of broadleaved trees in woodlands. According to the SNH weighted analysis of responses, the top five ‘wish list’ of things people wanted to see included clean waters around the coast, litter free beaches and well maintained parks in towns.