MP and MSP join forces on bank closure

South Ayrshire’s Mp and MSP have spoken out about the arrangements in place following the closure of the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) branch in Dalmellington.

Corri Wilson MP and Jeane Freeman MSP have met with RBS but said that concerns remain.

Ms Freeman has now written to the bank with a list of issues, including: no access for wheelchair using customers and other mobility challenges to the mobile branch and insufficient information available locally about the new mobile branch which is visiting Dalmellington and that the ATM in Dalmellington does not dispense £5 notes.

Ms Freeman stated: “I have been particularly distressed by the case of Ms Sandra Borthwick, a wheelchair using constituent, who had to carry out her banking business sitting on the street in the rain, because she was unable to access the mobile bank.

“As we move into the colder, wetter months, it is unacceptable to have people standing in the rain, whether because of access or long queues, particularly the elderly and those with mobility issues.

Ms Wilson added: “Easy access to banking services is crucial, and something most of us take for granted. But in more rural areas, closed branches represent a serious loss that penalises the poor, the elderly and the disabled, and hits local businesses hard. A total of 112 high street banks have closed in Scotland since July 2015, and the Dalmellington branch is the third to close in my constituency in that time.

“The banks are keen to tell us what they are doing to make banking easier for the towns they are leaving behind, but the harsh reality is that we have empty cash machines and people queuing up in the rain for the privilege of banking out the back of a van.”