MP attends ‘bully-banks’ day

Sandra osborne at the bully banks event
Sandra osborne at the bully banks event

Sandra Osborne attended the Bully Banks campaign day in Westminster on Wednesday 26th February to show support for local SMEs damaged by the misconduct of high street banks.

She has already been in contact with constituents who have been affected.

These businesses have been severely damaged by the misconduct of their bank in selling to it an inappropriate financial product and subsequently by the refusal of the bank to accept responsibility for their misconduct.

She said:“The mistreatment of some small business customers by the bank has been disgraceful. I will do everything I can to ensure that justice is served and that they receive appropriate redress.”

The purpose of the lobby day was to raise awareness for the ongoing problems with the interest rate swap mis-selling scandal and to encourage MPs to take action on behalf of businesses in their constituency.

Sandra is supporting all small businesses damaged by the misconduct of their banks in their campaign to obtain appropriate financial redress. She is also supporting Bully-Banks in its campaign to change the culture of all the high street banks so that such conduct does not occur in the future.