MP organises independence referendum events

Local MP Sandra Osborne is organising a series of events as part of the ‘United with Labour’ campaign to discuss some of the key issues in the referendum debate.

The meetings will cover: What independence means for pensions; The Pound in your pocket; Sharing the risk on welfare; Defence and Foreign Affairs - our place in the wider world; The impact of independence on International Development.

Speakers will include Gregg McClymont MP, Shadow Pensions Minister: Ian Murray MP, Shadow Minister for Trade and Investment and Dame Anne Begg MP, Chair of the Work and Pensions Select Committee

Sandra said: “Sir Tom Hunter has called for an end to name calling and a sensible discussion of the key issues at stake in the independence referendum debate. These meetings will be held between now and the referendum and will provide the opportunity to hear Labour’s arguments for Scotland staying within the UK in a serious and reasoned discussion. Full details of dates and venues will be announced soon.”