MP reassured over ambulance cover

Sandra Osborne MP has met with Mr Andrew Graham, Head of Ambulance Services for the Patna and Dalmellington areas amid concerns raised locally about lack of ambulance cover due to staff shortages.

The Labour MP said she was reassured that public safety had not been compromised despite a shortfall of staff.

Ms Osborne said: “The established staff numbers for the area are 5 and there is currently three permanent staff with 1 paramedic deployed to the area pending the recruitment of two further ambulance staff.

“The recruitment process is underway following an advert for the vacancies which was placed locally. I have been reassured that public safety has not been compromised with cover brought in from other areas if required.”

The Scottish Ambulance Service say that following recruitment there is a 10-week training period at Glasgow Caledonian University and there is a strong likelihood that this process will be underway soon.

Ms Osborne added: “I was also pleased to hear that the Area Service Manager and Clinical Advisor to the Ambulance Service attended a meeting with the Community Council to discuss the situation with them.”