MP’s anger at council letter

There has been an angry response to South Ayrshire Council’s letter which threatened to evict parents struggling with the bedroom tax.

And the letter also threatened to inform children’s services over the arrears.

The council agreed in April this year that no families would be evicted over debts caused by the controversial Westminster Government scheme.

However, a letter sent on behalf of Harry Garland, the Council’s director of care states: “The attached notice warns you that South Ayrshire Council can take legal action to repossess your house at any time during a six-month period.”

In the letter, the individual concerned faces arrears of just £256.02, but the council warn that the repossession action would cost them £400.

And in further shock the letter states: “If you have children in your household we may also inform children’s services.”

Sandra Osborne MP commented: “This is harking back to the bad old days when families were terrified by the threat of social services seizing their children. It is nasty and cruel and I believe it is a disgrace. Social services departments are meant to be there to help families in time of need.” Garland denied that he was threatening families.

He said: “That’s clearly nonsense. That’s not the spirit or the intention of the services. What we are trying to do is say that if there are children within the family and they have difficulties, come and talk to us and we will do something to support them.”

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