Mr Maybole retires from duty

The man known as ‘Mr Maybole’ has retired from his role in the Community Council.

David Kiltie had been chairman of the Community Council up until this year and is widely known in the Maybole community and beyond.

He was given a plaque and a gift by the community council and was given a glowing tribute by the members.

David said: “Mark Fletcher, Chair of the Maybole Community Council presented me with a plaque marking my service and a set of ‘keys to the auld toon of Minniebole’.

“I thought it an unbelievable and thoughtful gift which I will treasure.”

The Community Council expressed their gratitude for David’s service but were also sad to see him go.

Chairman Mark Fletcher commented: “David will be a big loss to the Community Council, but it is reassuring to know that his help and expertise is only a telephone call away.

“His are big shoes to fill as he has done so much for the town as highlighted by the Provost and is affectionately known as Mr Maybole.”

To celebrate his retirement, South Ayrshire Council Provost Helen Moonie was on hand to join in the occasion.

She said: “David Kiltie has made an immense contribution to the town of Maybole and to its community. Born and educated in Maybole, he has used all his talents and lifeskills to improve the lives of others by serving on a wide range of committees and working groups.

“Many people will remember David for the work he did with MayTag through the 1980s and the 1990s where he worked tirelessly to help deliver training and work initiatives to help people find employment, and moving with the times went on to help set up their very successful website.

“Involved in so many projects - Maybole and District Business Association, Carrick Community Transport, Maybole’s annual town gala and Maybole Town Twinning Association. David is now retiring and I wish him and his wife Margaret a long and happy retirement.”

David concluded: “Thanks to Provost Moonie and South Ayrshire Council for the lovely gift and for arranging the evening.

“I would like to thank everyone who has been a member of the community council, Provosts, Councillors, Council Officers, MPs, MSPS and members of the community who I have worked with over many years. And a big thank you to my wife Margaret and our family for their support.”

David is a regular contributor to the pages of this newspaper and has been for a number of years. He has worked tirelessly to promote the town of Maybole through many different ventures and he will continue to do so. He deserves all the praise he is getting and should thoroughly enjoy his retirement from the community council. Knowing David Kiltie MBE though, he’ll be anything but quiet!