MSP welcomes lowest crime figures since 1975

Local SNP MSP Adam Ingram has welcomed latest figures which show crime levels have fallen to their lowest level since 1975, with a 70% decrease in offensive weapons crime in the South Ayrshire area between 2008 and 2011/12.

Recorded national crime statistics show that the number of crimes recorded by the police in 2011/12 fell by three per cent compared to the previous year – a drop of around 9,000 – continuing the year-on-year drops seen since the SNP took office.

Mr Ingram said that the drop in crime was testament to the hard work of police both here in South Ayrshire and across Scotland, of which there are now record numbers.

He said: “The local community police in South Ayrshire are successfully targeting offensive weapons crime. This significant drop is good news for everyone and further evidence that the SNP is moving Scotland forward.

“Crime is at a 37 year low, fear of crime is down, the risk of being a victim of crime in Scotland is falling and is lower than in England and Wales.

“This is testament to the hard work of police both here in South Ayrshire and across Scotland, and stresses the importance of the SNP Government’s commitment to recruiting over 1200 additional police officers since it took office, while officer numbers down south are being cut by 16,000.

“Last month Home Secretary Theresa May was heckled at the Police Federation conference, in stark contrast to the standing ovation Kenny MacAskill received at the Scottish Police Federation conference.

“People are feeling safer in their communities and - despite the relentless scaremongering from opposition parties – record police numbers underline how decisions for Scotland are best made by those elected by the people of Scotland, rather than leaving matters in the hands of Westminster politicians.

“The Scottish Government’s record of delivery in health, justice, policing and education show an overwhelming case for Scotland taking charge of all matters of policy in Scotland.”