MSP welcomes new emergency App

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Local SNP MSP Adam Ingram has welcomed the launch of a new service from the Scottish Government to help the public cope during emergency situations.

Smartphone users will have information, advice and essential contact details for a wide range of emergency situations available at their fingertips by downloading a free app to their mobile devices.

Mr Ingram said: “The SNP Government is focussed on getting everyone prepared for severe weather and how it could impact on them at home, before setting out on journeys, in their communities, and at their place of work – and not just in winter.

“A key part of this is ensuring that people have access to the best information and advice to help them cope during difficult periods. This is something that’s important in all emergency situations affecting individuals and communities.

“The launch of the free i-phone and Android app is another important step in giving people access to simple yet effective information to help them cope during emergencies.

“By downloading and using the Ready Scotland app, people will be able to gain quick and easy access to essential information from the Ready Scotland website as well as advice and emergency contact details offline.

“They will also be able to store the contents of a household emergency plan and add national and local emergency contacts, as well as keeping their personal emergency checklists for the home, travel and business, which can be easily customised.”