Music to our ears

In recent months Girvan North Parish Church has been holding a number of fundraising events in order to collect some money to do essential repairs to their buildings. The most recent event was held on Friday night in the church itself.

A large audience was in attendance and it just goes to show that if the right entertainment is provided here then people will definitely turn up and support it.

The evening began with wellknown local singer Jim Nichol singing and welcoming the crowd to this relaxed evening with friends.

During the course of the evening Jim entertained us by singing a variety of well loved songs as well as hosting the evening in his own unique, charming, humorous way.

There were many different kinds of songs performed with some of them coming from popular musicals. A particular highlight featured songs from Fiddler on the Roof – a show in which Jim had recently played the lead in Glasgow alongside his son Ross.

Ross also sang a number of songs as well, which were also hugely enjoyable.

Jim’s other son, Andrew, was kept very busy - not only being the accompanist for all the musical numbers but also playing two medleys of tunes on his own - including one which got many of the audience singing happily along with the music.

Margaret, Jim’s wife, also sang and entertained the audience with some excellent recitations - including one originated by the much missed Joyce Grenfell and another about the problems of packing for a holiday!

It was particularly good to see all four talented members of the Nichol family participating both individually and also at times together.

The concert was in two parts with an interval in the middle where refreshments were served up by members of the church’s Boys’ Brigade Company.

There really was something for everybody and it was an excellent example of family entertainment at its very best.

As was mentioned in the vote of thanks, it was a totally ‘professional show’ and it is hoped that the family will be doing something similar in the near future.

It can not come soon enough!