Mystery xmas decs appear in Girvan

GIRVAN community leaders were taken aback last week when some unexpected festive finery appeared at Stumpy Tower.

Community councillors have been on a mission to track down some of the town’s itinerant Christmas illuminations after Girvan lights had been seen in towns north of Ayr in previous years.

Chairman Ken Johnstone and community councillors Betty McQuiston and Cathie Collins had travelled to Ayr in September in an attempt to identify Girvan’s lights and prevent them being mistakenly distributed elsewhere.

But sometime last week the town’s landmark former jail was adorned with extra lights and a nativity scene - without their prior knowledge.

“I was walking along by Stumpy last week and I saw these lights up,” said Betty. “And then, low and behold, there was a nativity scene there too! We had asked for one but we hadn’t heard anything about one coming.”

But the mystery was found to be the product of some simple seasonal goodwill. Alex Kelly, Maybole resident and Chair of the Carrick Crime Prevention Panel told the Carrick Gazette he had instructed that the extra adornments be taken down to Girvan after they arrived in Maybole - where an existing nativity scene was already in place.