New arts partnership for South Ayrshire

A South Ayrshire Arts Partnership has been established to develop a range of exciting and creative arts initiatives in South Ayrshire.

Partners include Ayr Arts Guild, Ayr College, Ayr Converses, Ayr Gaiety Partnership, Ayrshire Voices, The Maclaurin Trust, The National Trust for Scotland, UWS, South Ayrshire Council, South Ayrshire Youth Forum and also individual artists. Membership is currently being extended to include stronger links with young people and artists and community groups across South Ayrshire.

The partnership has agreed its main outcomes for the future and will be working to ensure:

Arts, culture and creative industries enhance the lives of people in South Ayrshire with access to arts and cultural activities for all communities.

Creative practitioners are attracted to South Ayrshire because of its commitment to becoming and remaining a high quality artistic and cultural base.

Young people in South Ayrshire are inspired to become and to remain involved in artistic work and cultural activities of all kinds.

Kerry Walsh, Chair of the South Ayrshire Arts Partnership said: “I am really excited that we are bringing together all the key players, artists and organisations in South Ayrshire to make sure arts and culture thrives.”