New committee to address Carrick roads row

CARRICK community councils are combining to crack down on rubbish roads with the creation of a new sub-committee.

Community councillors from Pinwherry and Pinmore, Barrhill, and Girvan community councils have stepped up to drive forward a roads committee to encourage action at local authority level.

The brainchild of Pinwherry and Pinmore Community Council chairman, Roger Pirrie, the group aims to identify and represent residents’ road-related concerns while streamlining discussion with South Ayrshire Council representatives, and will act as a sub-group of all three community councils.

“It just struck me that it would be more effective and efficient to have one singular group representing these three and talking to the council,” said Mr Pirrie.

“I appreciate many things take time but we have got to start a dialogue with South Ayrshire Council and see what is possible. We need to look at improving safety before something really bad happens.”

Girvan community councillor Jim Loch, a former Pinwherry man and entrepreneur with his own garage business on Grangestone Industrial Estate, was quick to put his name forward.

“I think it’s time that it was recognised that Scotland has some of the worst roads in the UK, and it is a failed statistic that 40 per cent of people have had damage to their vehicles,” he said. Roads like the A714 are really being neglected and we really need to do something about it.”

Barrhill Community Chair, Dave Russell, agreed. “We have seen the roads deteriorate so badly, and with the lack of maintenance and accidents lately we felt something had to be done,” he said.

The sub-group’s members are now preparing for their inaugural meeting next Friday February 28, and anyone with road-related issues to be raised should contact their local community council chairman.