New group set to take pool project forward

after discussions last week a dedicated executive sub-group to work on the Girvan swimming pool project by South Carrick Community Leisure (SCCL) and South Ayrshire Council has been established.

The new group – which will be chaired by Allan Rattray, Head Teacher of Girvan Academy and member of South Carrick Community Leisure – will include representatives from both the Council and SCCL as well as the Leader of South Ayrshire Council, Councillor Bill McIntosh, who will provide high-level political support to the group.

Membership will include a senior Council officer who will be seconded to the project with the sole remit of driving progress forward on a daily basis.

Also joining the group will be the former Chair of SCCL, Andrew Sinclair.

The group – established as the project reaches a crucial stage of design – will be a dedicated and determined partnership between the two organisations with the authority and delegated powers to take and drive forward decisions around management of the project, the design of the new facility and planning for the operation of the new facility.

Councillor Bill McIntosh said: “The creation of this group and the appointment of a Council officer to specifically work on this exciting project is a significant step forward and will ensure the right people are working together on a clear and focused approach to driving forward this ambitious project, which we firmly believe is at the heart of the regeneration of Girvan and South Carrick.

“We very much appreciate the input from the wider community to date and there will be more opportunities for people to contribute and have their say as part of the statutory planning process.

“In the meantime, this passionate and determined team will be working flat out to make the decisions that matter to keep things moving in the right direction.

“My thanks to Allan for agreeing to chair and lead the group and my particular thanks to Andrew for agreeing to join us and provide his knowledge and continued support to this project, which he has been involved in from the outset.

“This is another milestone for the Council and SCCL in working together towards our ambitions for Girvan and South Carrick and one that I’m sure will make a real difference.”

Due to the current size of the proposed development for the new facility, it is likely that, in progressing a planning application, the proposals will require to be classified as a ‘Major Development’.