New history group in Carrick

A CARRICK village has established its own local history group, giving residents the chance to take a trip down memory lane.

On Sunday, November 27, Kirkmichael will be holding its first ‘Memories’ day, from 2pm, in the McCosh Hall.

Village resident, Catherine Czerkawska explained that there has been a desire to create a historical group for some time.

She said: “For some time now, people have been talking about setting up a local history group, with the aim of pulling together village memories and memorabilia, finding some way of preserving old and not-so-old pictures and documents connected with the village, preserving the handful of old films still in existence and generally archiving the history, recent and long past, of Kirkmichael and its surrounding farms and cottages.

“This meeting is planned as the start of it, and will be a very informal get-together. There will be some interesting exhibits, with old maps, books, pictures and documents on display, as well as – looking towards the future – the plans for Kirkmichael’s new school.

“Old films – including a rare fifteen minutes of Kirkmichael’s coronation celebration- will be shown throughout the session, and it’s hoped that people may be able to identify many of those captured on film.

The aim will be to discuss setting up a local history group, and finding ways of archiving and preserving all the information in existence as well as making it as accessible as possible to people in and outside the village.”

The group are looking for photos, paintings, postcards, film, videos, books of local interest, old maps and brochures, letters, diaries, house deeds, rent books, historical objects of all kinds – in short, anything which tells a story about the village and its history.

Catherine added: “Scanners will be available on the day, so that material can be scanned and saved – you won’t be asked to part with anything precious, but it’s hoped to be able to make a record of what still exists, and where it is – so that we can plan for some way of preserving it both for present day entertainment and as a long term legacy for future generations.

“You’re welcome to come along on the day – whether you live in Kirkmichael or not! Teas, coffees and home-made biscuits from Jock’s cafe will be served.”