New mausoleum planned for Ayr cemetery

Ayr Cemetery
Ayr Cemetery

A new above ground tomb is to be built in Ayr cemetery. 

South Ayrshire Council is expected to spend £64,000 on the second mausoleum at the grave yard. The monument will have space for eight bodies. 

Work is due to start in the next two weeks and a contractor has been hired for the job. 

The council said it is necessary to give different cultures an alternative option for funeral rites. It is understood Italian families are among those who prefer mausoleum burial chambers.

A council spokesman said: “We have lots of different types of people and cultures represented across South Ayrshire. It’s traditional in some of those cultures to inter loved ones above ground. 

“In recognition of this, we are due to start construction of an eight chamber mausoleum at Ayr Cemetery in the next couple of weeks, which means there will be two mausoleums in the cemetery.

“Once work starts it will take around 12 weeks to complete.” 

The structure would be built on a new concrete base and be constructed with blockwork and a render finish. It would also boast reconstituted stone features.

When finished it is expected to look similar to the existing mausoleum in the graveyard.

There are 47 cemeteries and churchyards in South Ayrshire but but only 19 are operational with lairs for purchase.