New signage for Maidens

South Ayrshire Council’s regulatory panel has given planning permission for the building of a community notice board in Maidens.

Councillors agreed to the proposals at a meeting in Ayr on Thursday 5 December.

The applicants came in the form of Kirkoswald, Maidens and Turnberry Community council which was seeking approval to build a covered sign structure and form a hardstanding on an area of open space.

The approval gives the Community Council permission to display advertisements relating to its operation in Kirkoswald Road, Maidens.

The structure will measure three metres in height from ground level to the ridge of the roof and will have a roof clad in overlapped timber boarding and be supported by galvanised steel posts.

The council’s report into the plans felt that the proposed sign structure in the village will be of an appropriate design and scale and will have a neutral impact on the visual impact for people and visitors to the village as well as having no significant adverse impact on the amenity of neighbouring land or buildings.

Councillors granted approval for the signage albeit with conditions.

It was stated that the development granted shall be implemented in accordance with the approved plans.

The plans are in accordance with the provisions laid out in South Ayrshire Local plan polices STRAT 5 and BE1.

Policy STRAT 5 of South Ayrshire Council’s Local Plan which seeks to ensure a high quality environment, outlines a whole host of assessments that applications are set to meet.

They include that developments will be appropriate in terms of layout, scale, massing and design and materials in relation to the surrounding area.

Development plans should be appropriate in terms of its siting and setting and should not be visually intrusive and should also respect and safeguard natural heritage resources.

The council’s development plan also states that proposals should respect and safeguard built or archaeological heritage resources and safeguard the amenity of nearby dwellings, schools, institutions and workplaces or communities.

Any plans should also not be disruptive in terms of road safety in the area by the amount or type of traffic that results in an area as a result of any development.

And finally policy STRAT 5 outlines assessments that any development must contribute to an efficient use of existing public services, facilities and infrastructure without overburdening provision.