New signs to warn public of dangers

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New signs are to be used to warn the public of the dangers of accessing fields where livestock are being kept.

Farmers in Ayrshire who have had problems with people taking access in fields where livestock are being kept can now apply to their local NFU Scotland office for signs to warn the public of the possible dangers.

Funds have been committed by the trustees of NFU Scotland’s former Ayr area to provide signs advising the public that livestock are in the field, and for access takers to consider another route.

Jimmy Ireland, Regional Chairman for Ayrshire, said: “We have a growing problem of people, particularly those with dogs, walking in fields where livestock are being kept. That can have implications for the health of the animals and the public.

“The distressing sight of sheep being worried by dogs is becoming all too common. In addition, many people perhaps don’t appreciate the risks when taking access or walking their dogs in fields with cows and calves, where the mother’s instinct can leave the animals agitated and protective of their young.

“We want those who take access in the countryside to do so safely and these signs will alert the public to the presence of livestock in fields and allow them to consider an alternative route.

“That would be to the benefit of the livestock, the public and their pets.”.

Regional Chairman Jimmy Ireland (left) and local farmer Willie Campbell are urging NFU Scotland members to contact the NFU Scotland offices in Ayr and Kilmarnock to obtain copies of the signs.