New team sought for Girvan Online

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COMMUNITY members are being urged to come forward and tackle Girvan’s digital image via web portal Girvan Online.

And now social enterprise Ailsa Horizons are offering training and funding advice to help make it happen.

After offering to take on Girvan Online last year to keep it live after its former management group disbanded, Ailsa Horizons staff say they are “delighted” at the interest taken by retired teacher and Girvan resident Stuart Green in getting the site up to date.

Horizons also say that they will be happy to work with any group or individuals willing to take responsibility for it.

After having been involved in running Girvan Online in its infancy, after which the site was managed by a community group with support from a web-development company in Edinburgh, Ailsa Horizons stepped back in late last year.

Manager Stuart Lindsay explained: “Over the years the membership of the site management group reduced and less and less was done to maintain Girvan Online. On several occasions, Horizons offered to help but getting access to the site to be able to make changes proved difficult.

“Since we took over the maintenance of the site in 2011 we’ve paid the domain hosting charges and tried to make some improvements to the site. If we hadn’t paid those charges Girvan Online might have disappeared altogether.”

“We really want another community group to come and take Girvan Online on and develop it,” Ailsa Horizons regeneration and enterprise manager Julia Whitaker said.

“We are happy to help them with that both in terms of providing training and helping with funding. We will also be happy even to provide a little desk space for someone to come in for a couple of hours a week and update it.”

Ailsa Horizons is currently in the process of replacing the site’s web hosting company, and it is hoped this will facilitate easier means of updating information for the many community groups that use the site.

Anyone interested in getting involved with Girvan Online should contact Julia Whitaker on 01465 710628.