No festival of light for Girvan this year

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Organisers of one of Carrick’s most well known festivals have decided not to host the event this year.

The Carrick Festival of Light was started in 2004 by David and Ingrid Powell and has been a mainstay in the Girvan calendar for the past decade.

However, the Powell’s simply don’t have enough time to commit to the planning for the festival this year and a decision has been taken to unfortunately cancel the festival this year.

Erika Mitchell, who is the acting chair of the festival of light committee, made the decision after attending a meeting of the Girvan Town Team on Thursday July 3.

Along with David and Ingrid she had had a meeting last month with the Girvan Town Team co-ordinator Roddy MacDonald to try and find a way forward after a poor turnout at a meeting held in the Townhouse last month to try and ensure the festival went ahead.

Despite the Town Team members showing obvious disappointment, the problems and short time scale were deemed to be too big an obstacle to overcome to ensure the Carrick Festival of Light 2014 went ahead.

Erika said that the main problem was replacing the incredible work David and Ingrid put in each year.

The cost of hosting the festival was revealed to be well in excess of five figures plus getting disclosure forms done in time for volunteers to help out with youngsters workshops would prove almost impossible.

The news that the festival is set to be off the calendar this year is sure to be a disappointment to residents across Carrick.

Between 20-30 schools each year from Dunure in the north to Ballantrae in the south of the region got involved in making lanterns for the parade.

Over 400 lantern makers were involved in last year’s tenth anniversary festival which had the theme of celebrating seaside fairgrounds of the past.

Despite the poor weather huge crowds of all ages lined the streets to show their magnificent creations.

The festival has enjoyed huge support over the years and has even featured in articles for BBC News.

However, as pointed out by many in attendance on Thursday night at the Town Team meeting, these annual events in the town don’t ‘just happen’ each year and require time, effort and an army of volunteers.

With David and Ingrid’s business doing well they haven’t had time to work on funding applications for this year’s festival of light.

Money is also required each year to bring along the wonderful artists to help out at the workshops.

However, organisers are determined to come back next year with an even better festival of light and that is why they are putting out a message for assistance now.

If you wish to volunteer and help ensure that the Carrick Festival of Light does go ahead in 2015 then you can contact Erika Mitchell on 01465 713826 or visit her at Douneburn Stores.

You can also e-mail to express an interest.

Alternatively, you can phone David or Ingrid Powell on 01465 715621 or e-mail

The fireworks display organised by the Girvan and District Attractions Committee on the same night as the Festival of Light will go ahead as usual at the shorefront at Louisa Drive in the town.