Odds on for Labour and SNP in coalition

As Labour’s Election strategist Douglas Alexander failed to rule out the possibility of a coalition with the SNP, bookmakers William Hill were making that combination a 9/2 chance to be the outcome of the General Election.

“Quietly, but substantially, political pundits have been steaming into the Labour-SNP coalition odds, forcing the price down to its lowest level ever,” said Hill’s spokesman Graham Sharpe.

With a Hung Parliament now the red hot 3/10 favourite to be the consequence of the General Election, most pundits are tipping a coalition government.

The SNP (1/3 to win 26 or more seats) are odds-on to win more seats at the General Election than the Lib Dems, who won 57 last time, say Hills, who have installed Nicola Sturgeon’s Party as 4/7 favourites, with Nick Clegg’s team offered at 13/8.