Olympic effort by Bulgaria

Bulgaria pulled off a comeback of Olympic proportions in July, according to TheMoveChannel.com’s Top of the Props report.

While the world’s eyes were glued to London 2012, Bulgaria climbed 10 places to become the eighth most popular property destination in the world – a high jump worthy of a medal.

Spain retained the global property gold, accounting for almost one-fifth of buyer inquiries on the overseas portal. America stayed strong in second place, leaving France to take the bronze. But it was Bulgaria’s bold qualifier that gave the tournament’s best performance, increasing the country’s share by 1.35 per cent last month to take 2.57 per cent of all inquiries on the site.

Bulgaria’s booming popularity appears to be a more regular occurrence. Indeed, Bulgaria bounced back into TheMoveChannel.com’s top 10 exactly 12 months after its previous appearance, when it controversially leaped four spots to record its personal best of seventh place.

Bulgaria’s marathon effort against the big contenders inspired other smaller property markets to up their game too: Cyprus swam against the economic current to replace Germany in ninth, while Croatia pole vaulted four places up to 10th to relegate Malta from the competition.

Investors keep giving their gold to the property veterans, but as Brazil cements its top 10 status alongside Bulgaria, summer 2012 shows that the tiny challengers are flexible enough to dodge the hurdles of global recession.