On the right track

work towards a community-owned wind turbine outside Girvan is blowing in the right direction.

A year of ecological surveys have been completed and Ailsa Horizons are in discussions with local landowners about a possible site for the turbine - the preferred option being out toward the Grangestone Industrial Estate.

Stuart Lindsay of Horizons said: “We hope we can reach an agreement with a local landowner for the turbine.

“The finance raised from this project would be given straight back to the community. The discussions we’ve had with the local community have been positive.

“There is the potential for major financial benefits for the area. The communiy welcomed it at an energy fair we held because it is only one turbine and will be community owned.”

The idea for a community owned turbine was first raised as part of a broader regneration project, that did not go ahead but people were keen to try to continue with certain elements including the turbine.

Stuart added: “We consulted with local people, mainly through the Carrick Community Councils’ Forum, a liason group of representatives of all local Community Councils, and agreed that we should pursue this idea.”

The project was approved in January 2009, but has been delayed ever since. Stuart continued: “Overall we are disappointed by the lengthy delays, but we have learnt a great deal.

“We have the information we need to take the project forward and remain convinced that our community can achieve ownership of renewable energy production.”