Only half take shop front scheme offer

A scheme to spruce up Girvan town centre is being welcomed this week - but only half of eligible business have taken up the offer to be part of it.

Many people have commented on the ‘dilapidated’ look of Girvan town centre and the town was also nominated for the ignominious “Carbuncle” awards this year.

However South Ayrshire Council remains upbeat about the scheme, which provides £500 grants to businesses to improve shop fronts, although the companies do have to pay the VAT on the improvements, which the council says they can claim back.

Lesley Bloomer, the Council’s executive director for economy, neighbourhood and environment said: “One of the things that everyone was keen on during the Charette consultation process was to make the town centre look better, so we agreed to fund the shopfronts scheme which currently provides grants of up to £500 to eligible businesses and residential closes.

“Applicants do have to pay the VAT, but most of the businesses involved will be able to reclaim that.

“We’ve been delighted with the interest so far with about half of the eligible local shops saying they want to join in.

“As well as 39 shops, 13 residential closes have come on board.

“We hope that others will get involved as they see the difference the scheme makes.

“The Girvan community has already taken considerable steps towards making the town better following the Charette process last year.