Opportunity to make new friends

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This past week one of our Church Halls played host to two different social events. Both of them were originally created in order to raise funds for two different organizations.

But as anyone who takes part in any fundraising knows, when people work on a given task together then it is usually a opportunity for people to make new friends; to have a few laughs together and to feel that they are doing something worthwhile.

One of the greatest needs that human beings can have is the ‘ need to be needed.’ To feel that the work that they put in is appreciated and that their time is being spent in a way which will not only help themselves – but also benefit other people too.

I often say to people if they are feeling ‘down’ about things, that often one of the things that can really help them, is if they try to do something to make somebody else’s life better. Often when we are not feeling very happy ourselves, if we concentrate on doing what we can to make other people feel happy - then often we feel a lot better for it.

If somebody complains to me that there is ‘nothing to do’ in the town here, then I am apt to look incredulous and reply that - ‘there is lots to do here.’

There are many organizations who are looking for people to help out in a whole variety of different ways.

The skills that they are looking for people to have, are many and varied. You only have to look at all the notices in the Community Centre or in some of the shops, to discover a way in which you could put your spare time to good use.