Outrage at wheelchair dumping in Girvan

Anger has been expressed at the dumping of wheelchairs at the Girvan recycling yard which had been housed in the soon to be demolished McConnell Square.

The Carrick Gazette was contacted by a furious Girvan resident who claimed that a van had turned up to collect nine wheelchairs from the housing complex to line them up to take to the skip.

The resident added that another two were heading for the skip at the weekend, bringing the total to 11.

The resident said: “Just recently the Girvan community rallied to raise £5,000 for MikeLeigh Simpson to buy her a new wheelchair after she was denied one by the NHS.

“Now none of these were electric but they are wheelchairs which are perfectly salvageable rather than taking them to the skip.

“A van turned up to deliver nine wheelchairs to line them up for the skip. I saw another two heading for the skip at the weekend and I thought something must be done about this.

“I have 34 years in the paramedic service and I’ve pushed a few wheelchairs over the years so I know when a wheelchair is usable or not.

“Upon inspecting some of these wheelchairs heading for the skip I can say that they are perfectly usable and I am furious at what has happened.

“South Ayrshire Council talk about a reuse and recycle policy but it doesn’t seem like it’s being practised here

“I’m told they’ve been taken to the skip due to a lack of storage space which sounds ridiculous when you consider Girvan has an empty hospital round the corner and now an empty police station as well.”

The Gazette understands that Councillor Alec Clark has also been contacted on the matter by upset residents.

The building was due for demolition earlier this year but faced delays.

A South Ayrshire Council spokesperson said: “There are a number of wheelchairs at McConnell Square which have been placed there by staff at Hillcrest for storage purposes.

“ Some of the wheelchairs are now being used by service users as and when required and other wheelchairs which don’t comply with modern standards have been taken for recycling.”