Over half a million in lottery funding for Ayrshire charities

TWO Ayrshire charities are to benefit from a nearly £730,000 share of a £1.2million lottery grant.

The Lighthouse Foundation and Addaction have been named as two of the three Scottish charities to share in a £1,213,738 Big Lottery Fund payout to help families coping with substance abuse.

Both Kilmarnock-based organisations, The Lighthouse Foundation offers Ayrshire-wide assistance for families struggling with substance misuse - including information, counselling, mediation, and assistance in court.

Addaction is a nationwide organisation which aims to transform the lives of people affected by drug and alcohol problems, and includes the Ayrshire Next Steps project to help people who have substance misuse issues get back into the job market.

It was announced on Thursday that the charities will receive £528,464 and £200,629 respectively, and were selected alongside the Barnardo’s Hopscotch project in Angus.

The Big Lottery Fund’s Scotland Chair, Maureen McGinn, said the two Ayrshire groups were chosen because they recognise the consequence of substance misuse on the individual, their family, community and lifestyle. “It is heartening to know that projects like these are reaching out to people in need and helping build stronger, more connected communities,” she said.

The Lighthouse Foundation Project Manager, Kathleen Bryson, said the Big Lottery Fund’s nine-year legacy of support for the Foundation has helped the charity grow and help over a thousand families.

“This new grant will help us continue to offer this much needed support and will also allow us to develop a new outreach service for families who live in hard to reach rural areas of Ayrshire,” she said.

Addaction’s Andrew Horne, said he was delighted the charity had been chosen, and the money will help Addaction continue to encourage service users to move on in their recovery.