Painter seeks Carrick outlet for creative talent

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SOUTH Carrick’s creative community could see an addition to its ranks as a Girvan retiree with a flair for painting looks to set up classes.

Peter Barber, 74, moved to his home at 3 Burnside Cottages from Leicestershire last summer with his wife Georgina “Jo” and mother-in-law Mary, and has had little time to indulge his hobby since then.

But now that the ordeal of relocation is over and done, Mr Barber says he is once again beginning to get the “painting itch”.

The former Navy engineer began painting ten years ago at night school but, after struggling with it as a hobby on and off, he “suddenly blossomed” at an Age Concern session and has kept it up ever since.

“It’s a relaxing hobby,” he said, “and being an amateur you can do exactly what appeals to you. Art comes in many forms and it really doesn’t matter what you do as long as you enjoy doing it. Since moving to Girvan I have painted a lot of seascapes,” he added. “I love the sea, especially when it’s a bit choppy.”

Mr Barber is keen to find a painting class within 20 minutes drive of Girvan, or like-minded individuals interested in setting one up under the guidance of a local professional.

Anyone with information on any classes that might suit Mr Barber, is asked leave details with Harriet Brace at the Carrick Gazette.