Parents anger at speed sign snub

The Invergarven Parent Council remains concerned by the non-operation of the warning/speed signs in Henrietta Street and Ailsa Street West in Girvan.

The electronic signs flash the 20mph speed limit at the start of the school day, lunchtime and at the end of the school day.

Chris Lawrence, co-ordinator of Invergarven Parent Council, said that the group contacted roads operator, Amey, in September 2011 and received a “very prompt reply”, assuring them that Amey were working on the problem that day.

Mr Lawrence said however that since then, despite further appeals to Amey, the signs are still not working and Amey has not replied to them.

He said: “I have spoken to the crossing patrol person on Henrietta Street and they say that they had reported the issue to their line manager.

“I have spoken to the council roads staff (at an open evening at Carrick buildings) and they said it was not their problem as that part of Henrietta Street was a trunk road and maintenance is carried out by Amey. “They said they would take the matter up with Amey at their next meeting later that week.

“I have spoken to a councillor who said he had had the same issue raised by parents at Sacred Heart Primary School. I have spoken to two police constables who were patrolling Henrietta Street at school finishing time and they did not know why the signs were not working and it is they who should enforce the speed.

“I notice in my travels that the signs on the main road through Maybole are no longer functional either. However when I recently passed through Barrhill the signs were working at lunchtime!

“Who does know why these signs are no longer working? Will they be re-instated, and why hasn’t this information been passed to the schools for whom the signs were installed?