Parking fines set to rise in council plan

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Road safety, traffic flow and car parking in South Ayrshire look set for significant and long lasting improvement after South Ayrshire Council agreed to submit a business case to the Scottish Government, requesting parking in the area is decriminalised.

If approved, six parking attendants employed by the council would issue penalty tickets to motorists who break parking restrictions and those tickets would be enforced by the council, rather than the police, who currently have enforcement powers.

Known as Decriminalised Parking Enforcement (DPE), the new system could be in force from autumn 2012 and would empower the Council to manage, monitor and enforce all aspects of on and off road parking in the area, making sure parking is legal and parking spaces are used correctly by motorists.

The cost of enforcing yellow lines and parking regulations, which had come out of police budgets, would be met by South Ayrshire Council, with penalty fines making the initiative self-financing.

Illegally parked vehicles are presently issued with a £60 Penalty Charge Notice (PCN), reduced to £30 if paid within 14 days, but the council has proposals to introduce higher rates for PCNs of up to £80.