Girvan lifeboat launched to boat ashore on the rocks

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On a quiet Sunday morning (September 29) the Girvan volunteer crews pagers were activated by the Coast Guard Operations Centre in Belfast.

The crew quickly descended on the station from all directions to the briefing that a small boat had engine problems, lost power, the backup engine had failed, and was on the rocks near the fishing village of Dunure around 15 sea miles North of Girvan.

Stricken small vessel under tow. (RNLI/Fraser Stirling)

Stricken small vessel under tow. (RNLI/Fraser Stirling)

On route, updates came in that the sole occupant thankfully was safely ashore and being checked out by local Coastguard rescue teams from Girvan and Ayr.

Girvan lifeboat arrived soon after and on scene assessed the situation and formulated the best plan for removing the boat from its stricken and precarious position on the rocks.

Due to the shallow depth and dangerous rocks, this prevented the lifeboat getting in close to the vessel, being the safest way to pass the tow line, the decision was taken to pass the tow line to the rescue teams on shore using a rocket line, once secured the crew established a tow to the small vessel, which it later emerged sustained some damage to the hull from the rocky coastline.

Girvan lifeboat safely towed the boat into Dunure harbour where it was berthed and later removed with the assistance of local Coastguard Rescue Teams, the lifeboat then headed back to Girvan where she was made ready for the next callout.