Girvan Lifeboat launches to two vessels with fouled propellers

Lifeboat on way to call out. (photo: RNLI)
Lifeboat on way to call out. (photo: RNLI)

It was déjà vu for Girvan Lifeboat last week with two identical calls in two days.

On September 9 at approximately 1.16pm Girvan lifeboat volunteer crew sprang into action when the pagers were activated, with the lifeboat leaving the pier end within eight minutes of the activation, the lifeboat was soon making best speed South to the location near Lendalfoot.

A commercial vessel had a rope around its propeller, it was disabled due to this and unable to make headway, it was in shallow rocky water and being blown closer onto the rocks by a lively NW wind.

Girvan lifeboat was soon on scene and stood down a local charter boat that had been standing by the casualty, once it was ascertained everyone on board was safe and well a tow was soon established, due to the shallow depth, Girvan Lifeboat could only get so close, so its daughter craft was set to work and utilised to pass the tow to the casualty boat, once the tow was secure the boat pulled away from any danger, the casualty vessel was taken back to Girvan where she was safely berthed and the lifeboat returned to berth and made ready for service.

The following day on September 10 at around 4.33pm, once again the crews pagers went off, with volunteer crew quickly gathering at the station, lifeboat 13-23 ‘Elizabeth and Gertrude Allan’ was soon launched and making it’s way South.

Approximately a mile and a half in a different location a different casualty vessel had once again had its propeller fouled, and was unable to make any headway.

Girvan lifeboat and her volunteer crew were quickly on scene where a tow was established with the casualty vessel, the boat was taken under tow back to Girvan where once again it was safely berthed and the crew disembarked none the worse for wear.

Girvan lifeboat returned to berth and was made ready for the next service call.