Girvan Scout Group faced with closure

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Local youngsters in Girvan have taken matters into their own hands in a bid to save the town’s Scout group.

The group was put on hold in October last year after the main leader became too ill to keep going.

And now the children have come together to call on adults from the town and across the area to help get the Scout group back up and running.

In a letter to grown-ups, they wrote: “We are your local kids who want to go to the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts at Girvan.

“We like to play games, make things, go on visits, and get lots of badges. The Scouts get to go canoeing and hillwalking and abseiling. Best of all, we like to go camping.

“We need more grown-ups to help because we can’t get to do fun things without them. Could you help us? Could you be a leader?

“Or could you even just come and help sometimes? Can you do something that we’d enjoy and would like to learn?

“There’s a committee that needs people too so that we can afford to do everything. We’ll help you with sponsored stuff and beach-cleaning.

“Please don’t say you’re too busy or don’t have the time. We really need you and we think you’d enjoy yourselves too. We’re a pretty good bunch, really – even if we’re a bit noisy sometimes.”

“They added: Please, please, please say that you’ll come to help. When we’re grown-ups, we’ll do it for the next lot of kids.”

Can you help?

Contact the group at or follow them on Facebook, where they are called 3rd Ayrshire 1st Girvan Scout Group for further information.