Sad farewell at Girvan South Parish Church

Rev Ian McLachlan
Rev Ian McLachlan

Members of the South and the Girvan Community will miss the presence of the Rev Ian McClachlan.

Since last year, Ian has been on sick leave in his house at Blairgowrie.

Up until then he was a well-known and popular figure in the town and in the villages of Barr and Dailly where he also worked.

As well as his church duties, Ian was involved with the Air cadets and other youth groups and visited local primary schools regularly.

An ex-teacher, he thoroughly enjoyed his time with children. Eventually as his health did not improve, Ian withdrew from his charges in South Ayrshire on August 15.

It is typical of him that he was adamant that he wanted no retiral gift, but his congregation and friends, have other plans as they feel his 20 years’ service must be recognized!