South Ayrshire resident learns more about the Bosnian Serb Forces massacre

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A former police chief has visited a war torn region hit by atrocity. 

South Ayrshire resident Niven Rennie headed to Bosnia to learn more about the massacres, which occurred in the 1990s.

The head of the Scottish Violence Reduction Unit and 10 others were hosted by the charity Remembering Srebenica on the trip. 

Mr Rennie said: “At these times of political confrontation in the UK with the threat of the rise of the hard right it is worth remembering the message of Srebenica and stand up to extremes of hatred and intolerance.”

On July 11 1995 Bosnian Serb Forces massacred 8372 men and boys in the greatest atrocity on European soil since the second world war.  

Mr Rennie continued: “These individuals weren’t just statistics they were the fathers, husbands and sons of those left behind. 

This massacre has since been recognised by the International Court of Justice as genocide.”

Mr Rennie, who previously was CEO of homeless charity SeAscape, visited Sarajevo in May and a morgue at Tuzla where bodies identified from mass graves are returned to families for burial.

He added: “Nobody who took part in this visit was left untouched by what they had seen. The overwhelming message was that the people never saw it coming.”

The massacre has been recognised by the International Court of Justice as genocide.